# Create App Login

To give access to the Customer App to the contact, you can send them a single use login Link via email. For this feature to be available, a constant email has to be set.

# Request

To create such a login link send the following request to the customer app login. A request to this endpoint can either be made with a "private" authorization key or with the "customer" authorization key. With the "customer" authorization key you have to specify "me" as the customer id, for "private" authorization specify the customer id.


POST /customer/:customer_id/link

Host: merchant.intergiro.com
Authentication: Bearer <private.api.key> | <customer.api.key> 

# Response

A successful request made with customer authorization will give an empty response. Regardless of authorization, an email including the single use login link will be sent to the contact email.

    "url": "https://merchant.intergiro.com/customer/:customer_id/link/0987654321098765",
    "id": "0987654321098765",
    "created": "2020-12-08T09:19:42.835Z",
    "expires": "2020-12-11T09:19:42.835Z",
    "key": "abc.def.ghi",
    "contact": "m.exampleperson@example.net",
    "used": false