# Creating an Order

To create a customer order post an Order Creatable to the order endpoint, the customer field must be set to a customer id and the payment field must be a Customer Payment Creatable.

An order can also be created with a specific customer method by Selecting Customer Method.

# Request


POST /v1/order

Host: merchant.intergiro.com
Content-Type: application/json
Authentication: Bearer <customer.api.key> | Bearer <private.api.key>
	"number": <your order identifier>,
	"items": <number or item information or array of items objects>,
    "customer": <customer id>,
	"currency": <currency of the transaction>,
	"payment": {
		"type": "customer"

# Response

    "id": "<Identifier of order in Intergiro's system>",
    "created": "<datetime of order>",
    "customer": "<id of customer or contact information>",
    "items": "<numer or item information or array of items objects>",
    "currency": "<Currency of order>",
    "payment": "<Card payment>",