# Update Contact Information

To update the contact information associated to a customer make a PUT request to the following endpoint. A request to this endpoint can either be made with a "private" authorization key or with the "customer" authorization key. With the "customer" authorization key you have to specify "me" as the customer id, for "private" authorization specify the customer id of the customer you wish to update. The body of the request should be a valid Contact data type.

# Request


PUT /v1/customer/:customer_id/contact

Host: merchant.intergiro.com
Content-Type: applicaiton/json
Authentication: Bearer <private.api.key> | Bearer <customer.api.key>

    "type": "organisation" or "person",
    "identity_number": "<identity number>",
    "id": "<your contact Id>",
    "name": "<contact name>",
    "address": {
        "street": "<street name>",
        "zip_code": "<zip code>",
        "city": "<city name>",
        "country_code": "<alpha2 country code according to ISO 3166>"
    "email": "<contact email>",
    "phone": "<contact phone number>"

# Response

A successful response will equal the input.