# Acquiring APIs

An acquirer processes card payments on behalf of the merchant and the PSP.

# Authorization

An authorization is the reservation of a specified amount of money on a cardholder's credit/debit card. An authorization often require a verification. A verification is usually needed if the amount is large enough or when creating an initial recurring authorization. A verification is a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) supported by the issuing bank.

The Authorization API let's you create authorizations for single time payments as well as recurring payments. After creating an authorization, the authorization can be captured, canceled or refunded.

# Minimize PCI scope

If you want to avoid handling card information to minimize the PCI scope of your system, you can use the Card Input UI. The Intergiro Card Input UI can perform 3D-Secure by using the 3D-Secure API. (Read more here). Intergiro Card Input UI can also be customized to better suit the style of a given website.

# 3D-Secure

There are three different methods to perform 3D Secure.

  • If you want to perform 3D Secure in one automated flow, follow the steps in the Automated section.
  • If you want control of what happens between the steps in the 3D cycle, follow the steps in the Interactive section.
  • If you want full control of the 3D flow, follow the steps in the Controlled section.
  • If you want perform 3Ds using an external 3Ds service, follow the steps in the External section.

# Settlement

To see settlements from previous authorizations the Settlement API can list the settlements.