# Introduction

The Intergiro Merchant Services APIs can be used and integrated to support a wide range of different use cases. This guide aims to help you select the API subset which best suit your needs.

If you get stuck and do not know how or what to integrate against please contact our support for help.

Don't sweat it, you can start somewhere and change solution step by step.

  • If you only ever require low level access to our card acquiring API because you aggregate other payment methods yourself and build all the order handling yourself, then consider using our Acquiring APIs.
  • Otherwise, or when in doubt, use our PSP APIs.
API Subset Acquiring Order Subscription
Acquiring Authorization API yes
Acquiring,PSP Verification API yes Custom UI (optional) Custom UI (optional)
PSP Order API Custom UI (optional)
PSP Customer API yes
PSP Customer Subscription API yes
Acquiring,PSP Card API optional
PSP Registration UI Standard UI
PSP Checkout UI Standard UI
Acquiring,PSP Card Input UI Minimize PCI scope Custom UI (optional) Custom UI (optional)
  • Standard UI: A complete solution with our UI components.
  • Custom UI: If you want to build your own UI, including some or none of our UI components.
  • Minimize PCI scope: avoid handling card information.

All endpoints uses JWT tokens for authentication (Read more here).