Service UI API
Creating orders for one off relations with your users. Checkout Order
Registering payment options for ongoing relations with your users. Customer Registration Customer
Tokenizing sensitive card information to minimize your PCI scope. Card Input Card

# Creating orders UI

Checkout is used for creating orders and authorize payments associated with orders for one off relations. Take a look at Checkout UI for code examples and a more detailed description, where information about how to customize the component is available under Checkout Cosmetics and Checkout Features.

# Registering Customers UI

The Intergiro Customer Registration UI component lets your users register contact and card information that gets authorized for future payments, such as subscriptions or other recurring payments.

# Minimize PCI scope

If you need a separate card tokenization there is an UI solution in addition to an API solution.

# Card Input UI

Intergiro Card Input is an embeddable component for card tokenization that can be integrated as a normal html component, that can be customized if desired trough styling.

Card Input is also capable of doing 3D Secure, more information and code examples can be found at Card Input Verification.

For more information and code example please read more at Intergiro Card Input

# Card API

Card API can create card tokens and handle 3D Secure if desired.

# API only (S2S)

# Card API

# Order API

# Customer API